Friday, April 8, 2011

Thelma's Rendition of "I'm Your Puppet?"

Thelma Lambert & The Sunshine Law

A Guest Commentary By

Cherokee Reason

It was interesting to see your posting concerning Coucilperson Lambert's attempt to make public records private. This blatant illegal offering was not Lambert's fault. Anyone who has ever attended a town council meeting in Cherokee can attest that she has no personal original thoughts.

If there is a new issue that is presented, she does not even know what her position is on the subject without glancing at the mayor. It is only after his position is known to her that she knows where she stands. She is a complete puppet. This idea nor any others that this corrupt bunch has could have been authored by Ms. Lambert. The Coucilperson is simply incapable of original thought if history is any indicator. She was coerced into making such a ridiculous offering.

It is definitely not the first time the mayor has used her to start something that he knew would make anyone look unskilled. The sad part is that Lambert doesn't know that she is being used. This fact should let anyone know that she didn't act alone suggesting the Sunshine Law violation. She will join the Mayor's so called personal assistant as another victim that will be thrown under the bus when she is no longer needed.

I can completely understand why the Mayor and his clan want to hide things. I hope The Connection exposes the Mayor and his cohorts for what they really are.


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