Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Another Called Meeting in Cherokee Today?

From a reader on yesterday's blog:

The Cherokee Council checking with the Attorney.... HA! The Attorney was sitting right there when they made the motion to begin with.... every time he's ask a question, his response is "I don't know".... The Mayor ask him 3 or 4 questions at the last regular meeting and it was always "I don't know".... Yes, they're paying an Attorney that doesn't know anything about Municipalities...but that's how the Burger King Four like it.... so they can do whatever they please... they're having to call yet another special meeting tomorrow (Tuesday) because he didn't know the answer to a previous question.... Oh well, par for the course...


Worst case scenario:

You're lying in bed at 3:00 a.m. when you hear a prowler. You dial 911 and ask for the Cherokee Police, a department that has only three officers. One officer is sick, one is out of town for a funeral, and the only remaining officer has gone home and is asleep. You're told a sheriff's deputy from Tuscumbia will be at your home as soon as is humanly possible. The prowler is in your home and you're having to wait for a deputy from Tuscumbia...

Isn't it about time the citizens of Cherokee demanded to know where their tax dollars are being spent? Starting with the suspected missing $11,000.00 in fuel?


The man involved in a standoff situation in Russellville last night has been identified as Robert E. Saint of 196 Ash Avenue. Our sources say Saint is a former Russellville police officer and at one time headed their dive team. Saint's family was reportedly never in danger.


Harvey Knotts of Huntsville (yes, we know that's a little far afield for us) has just been charged with ten counts of the sexual abuse of a minor. Mr. Knotts was a primary school teacher in the city system and is now on PAID leave. If that doesn't get your dander up, it seems Mr. Knotts has previously faced identical charges in Bermuda and is currently wanted there for evading prosecution.

How? Why? Alabama is notorious for not doing thorough background checks on its teachers. Perhaps this debacle will shake things up at the state department of education...