Monday, November 1, 2010

Aliens at Sweetwater? Or Only Bigfoot?

No, we're not talking about any immigrants from South of the border. It seems the Sweetwater Historical Tour group added a book signing to their list of decorous entertainment offerings. Among the authors present on the evening of October 29th was Brent Raynes.

Raynes (pictured) is the author of Visitors from Hidden Realms, as well as On the Edge of Reality: The Mastering of Time and Space. According to a short bio, Raynes is associated with the UFO Contact Center International, as well as being an expert on Big Foot. Wouldn't you love to see his CV?

In other words, it seems Raynes fits right in with Robert Simone of G.H.O.S.T. and the resident fortune teller. We have been unable to verify this, but there have been several reports that at least one young black lady was told she was descended from the Patton family's slaves. Classy, no?

While we're sure the Patton/Weeden family is happy to have this once beautiful ante bellum mansion restored, we're also sure at some other level they're cringing at the circus these tours have become. On the bright side, the tours have been marked down to only ten dollars, but don't go just yet. At this rate, you can take the grand tour for only five dollars if you wait until December.


It's with great pleasure that we endorse Ty Barrett for Lauderdale County Sheriff. Ty comes highly recommended by our contact with the Killen Police Department, as well as many others in law enforcement.


Traveling south to Franklin County, we are happy to endorse Shannon Oliver for sheriff. Mr. Oliver is a dedicated law enforcement officer and will be an asset to the county.


Wonder what Sheffield looked like in 1907? Here's the view: Link