Sunday, November 21, 2010

"Rhea Fulmer, Why Not Sam Blackman Too?"

We know very little of Mr. Sam Blackman. He sits on the Lauderdale 911 Board; he was appointed to that position by the County Commission; and he trains emergency personnel/first responders in safe driving techniques. Whether Mr. Blackman is paid for his services or how much he might be paid, we don't know.

We also know that Lauderdale EMA Director George Grabryan lent Mr. Blackman approximately 50 traffic cones to use in these driving classes. No money changed hands; no personal favors were offered or taken. Assisting and organizing such training is in the job description of the EMA director. Mr. Grabryan apparently felt this was a good use of county property even if other counties also benefitted. We do also.

Now, if Mr. Grabryan is, as an official appointed by the Lauderdale County Commission, guilty of an ethics violation, why is Sam Blackman not guilty of the same offense? Why did Rhea Tays Michael Fulmer not file an ethics complaint against Sam Blackman? Fulmer has stated she was obligated by her elected position to file the complaint against George Graybryan. Why was she not obligated to file a similar complaint against 911 Board member Sam Blackman?

Again, Ms. Fulmer, we ask you to respond: Why were you not obligated to file an ethics complaint against Sam Blackman if you were obligated to file one against George Grabryan?


Sources! Last week we reported information from a very reliable source that 3G would be in the Shoals by this week. We will admit that, even given the source's credibility, we were dubious. Now, 3G has arrived just as our source informed us it would.

Do reports from our sources usually turn out to be factual? Yes, they do; however, many reports involve the good name of Shoals individuals. Therefore, even if we believe the reports to be true, we do not immediately use the information forwarded to us.

We do appreciate the information. Rest assured we don't delete these e-mails, but retain them for a time when more information is available from authorities or others who are in a position to make an official announcement.


The Lauderdale County Commission will meet tomorrow at 9:00 a.m. in Room 301 of the courthouse. Those who are unhappy with the way our commission is currently being used by a certain commissioner to promote her personal agenda are asked to be there. It's your commission; make your voices heard.