Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Decorum Ain't What It Used To Be or Does Your Viagra Lose Its Flavor...

Late yesterday we perused our e-mail and, judging from the amount of communications concerning Rhea Tays Michael Fulmer, we felt another blog devoted to that champion of roaming delinquent traffic cones would most likely be a given; but surely those readers in Colbert and Franklin Counties were now bored by our local practitioner of the absurd. So, as a good friend and correspondent would say, "What will you write about today?"

Have no fear, a reader from Colbert County has saved this Thanksgiving Eve. We shall wax poetic on the subject of Viagra.

"But, Shoalanda," you say, "are you sure this is a proper subject for a political blog?" Hmmm, good point, but it is the mayor's Viagra. We received the following communication from a reader in Cherokee:

Wants you or someone to figure out why this public official and/or so called PREACHER would post anything like this on FB or any kind or social networking site,

Chuck Lansdell I am thankful this year that my Viagra only lasted 3 hours and 59 minutes so i didn't have to go to the hospital.

about an hour ago This is the most ridiculous, disgusting thing I have ever read from a GROWN man. I think this just goes to show everyone how classy this man is. This is what he posted on his FACEBOOK site, quote or no quote from Jay Leno, This just shows he is starving for attention and is going to do or say anything to get it. I think that you should do a story on this to show everyone how disrespectful and PATHETIC this man really is!!!!!!

Perhaps the question is, after Thelma's Thong, does the Preacher's Potency seem that lurid? Let's ask some thought provoking questions here:

1. Would Florence Mayor Bobby Irons discuss erectile dysfunction on Facebook?
2. Would Mrs. Sanford appreciate Ian broaching the subject of their sex life?
3. When was the last time you heard your preacher tell a Viagra joke, on the Internet no less?
4. Would anyone blame Chad Coker for lying about once being Cherokee's Municipal Judge?
5. Does anyone now think Cherokee is anything less than a joke?
6. Did Chuck bet he could get his name in today's blog?
7. Did Rhea pay Chuck to take the heat off her?
8. Does anyone have a photo of Chuck in a thong they could send us?
9. Is the bird in your kitchen a bigger turkey than Chuck?

Check back tomorrow for updates on any recall or divorce actions...