Friday, November 12, 2010

Storm Warnings for Rhea Tays Fulmer

From our October 24th blog:

A source close to the Lauderdale County Commission has commented: I understand a particular commissioner now has her pets documenting every conversation they have with the director and deputy director. Wonder if she even has their notes on when they took their potty breaks so she can try and throw that out there next time?

While we had no doubt concerning the veracity of our source's comments, we didn't expect them to be proved so literally. After Tuesday's work session of the Lauderdale County Commission, there can be no doubt that every move the EMA director makes is closely monitored by a member of his staff. Perhaps the most important question is: Which one is Rhea Tays Fulmer's pet?

Or, perhaps, the most important question is when did Fulmer begin emulating Howard Dean at his worst? If this is what the commission's work sessions have now become, we can only imagine what the regular meeting will offer next Monday.


From D.K.:

Victims beware!!! The Alabama Public Safety and Sentencing Coalition is trying to introduce a bill for the next legislative session regarding alternative sentencing. In the bill, it includes an act to do away with the mandatory notification act for victims of violent crime when offenders are being considered for parole. VOCAL was invited to participate in this coalition under the guise this would only affect non-violent offenders. Crime Victims are strongly opposed to this! This will set victims' rights back before the early 80's.

PLEASE CONTACT YOUR LEGISLATORS, JUSTICE SUE BELL COBB (creator of the coalition), and THE PAROLE BOARD to let them know YOU ARE AGAINST THIS BILL! If this bill passes, victims will not be notified by certified mail! If you or a loved one is a victim of a violent crime, this affects you!


Our local hero today is William Valentine, Lauderdale County Superintendent. Mr. Valentine had the intestinal fortitude to put Commissioner Rhea Fulmer in her place Tuesday. Kudos, Mr. Valentine; we're sure you've won many a new fan for your candor concerning Fulmer's abilities.