Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Congratulations & Caveats

Congratulations to Lynn Greer, Chad Holden, Carole Coil Medley, and Shannon Oliver on victories in well-fought races. Other election results remain more nebulous.

Who will run for Lauderdale County Commission Chairman? We've already received several e-mails that Rhea Tayls Fulmer will be the first to cast her hat into the ring; we hope this part time position will lure several more learned candidates as well.

Liquor in Rogersville? As of right now, only one vote separates the Yes and No votes. Among those heading the "No" forces was Morris T. Lentz who worked tirelessly to keep Rogersville dry. Shanna Reed Dudley, a major force for the wet vote, did her cause no good with the, shall we say colorful, language she used to describe her opponents. She walks in beauty as the the longshoreman's ball.


It was a very close contest between Greg Burdine and Quinton Hanson. Perhaps Mr. Hanson should request some of his fees back on the ads in which the announcer couldn't pronounce "Yorkshire."


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