Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Just Whose Pockets are Deep at Whitesell?

Empsie Goodloe is a former Whitesell Mfg. employee; after losing a hand while working at the Tuscumbia plant, Goodloe has filed a three million dollar lawsuit...but not against Whitesell Mfg. or its owner Neil Whitesell. Goodloe's attorney William Hovater has stated such a suit is not unusual. We'll take Mr. Hovater's word for that, but we have to wonder just how deep are the pockets of the seven named defendants. Those listed in the suit are:

David A. Francois - General Manager/Finance & Administration; Muscle Shoals resident

David E. Roggenbuck - Florence resident

John L. Tate

William L. Wellman

Jeffrey A. Schrier - Muscle Shoals resident

Cameron Brooks - IT Executive Manager; Muscle Shoals resident

John Sughroue - Director

It should be noted that it's not uncommon to see some initial defendants dropped from a lawsuit before it reaches trial. Good luck to Mr. Goodloe.


God Voting? If God voted in Rogersville, keeping that beautiful little town dry, did He also vote in Priceville, a city that went wet by one vote? Despite some not too well chosen words by a Baptist minister, God did not vote in Rogersville. God gives each of us free will. We hope that everyone who voted in any election this past Tuesday prayed for God's guidance.

Realistically, we can assume the local Rogersville scientologists did not pray to our Creator...and all this time so many were worried about the Pastafarian vote. We'll leave you today with this thought:

There is something wrong with youth who are not liberal; likewise, there is something wrong with those of a certain age who are not conservative.