Thursday, November 4, 2010

The Truth About Hottie Scottie

Isn't it funny how various paths in our lives cross at unexpected times? Yesterday, Carole Coil Medley won a hard fought election against Florence Municipal Judge James E. Hall II. I personally supported Carole, but if Judge Hall had won the election, I would have still felt the Lauderdale District Judgeship was in more than capable hands.

My pressing problem in that case would have been whether to support Janice Keeton or Marshall Gardner as his replacement (I had friends lobbying on both sides). Now, I'm sure Florence City Court is safe with Judge Hall for at least two more years.

Due to the elections and the problems facing Lauderdale EMA, this blog has been lax concerning various public announcements, causing a friend to inquire why the Community Health Fair was overlooked this year. My apologies to this wonderful effort combining the forces of the Community Health Clinic and the UNA School of Nursing. While it was too late to advertise the clinic, I did ask my friend to inquire concerning the status of Andrew Daniel Scott, aka Hottie Scottie, supposedly a student at the CON.

According to two faculty members, Scott never made it to the actual College of Nursing, although he probably did take some preparatory courses. One instructor for the small college (they accept approximately 50 applicants each year), said specifically they didn't want someone with Scott's record in their college. If this information should be in error, I'm sure Mr. Roger Scott, Andrew's father, will immediately contact this blog. Judging by the above poster condemning a fine attorney/judge, Scott is still in denial concerning his son's actions.

Most of Andrew Daniel Scott's supporters on his Facebook "Cause" page appear to be relatives or young individuals who simply failed to check the facts in the case before joining this more than misguided effort. I'm personally thankful that the Shoals area has attorneys and judges (yes, even Jimmy Sandlin) who support a two parent home, a home in which parents manage to stay off drugs, stay out of jail, and know the responsibilities of parenthood involve more than simply being a sperm donor.

The caption on the poster Roger Scott created reads:
What you fight for tells everyone about your character. It certainly does; as for me and my house, we shall serve the Lord.

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We understand an in depth article on the Lauderdale EMA will appear in The Connection tomorrow.