Wednesday, September 2, 2009

"Soylent Green" Still Has Some Lessons for Us

No, this is not a blog about Sarah Palin's "death panels." The 1973 SciFi movie set in 2022 has more than one moral for us today. If you have never viewed Soylent Green, I urge you to rent or download a copy of what became Edward G. Robinson's last film.

In this futuristic masterpiece, women, or at least some women, are referred to as furniture. They are passed around and often come as standard features of certain luxury apartments. Interesting, you say, but surely no women are treated as furniture in the real 2009. Think again.

When a 15/16 year-old girl is passed around among three buddies who all live within a five mile radius of each other, it tells me that such a mentality was alive and well in 2006/2007 in Killen, Alabama. It's something all parents need to discuss with their children. Parents who fail to guide their children have to shoulder some of the responsibility for social diseases and unwanted pregnancy. Think about it...


I have again been contacted by some member of Andrew Scott's family who are seeking custody of his biological child. Please remember, I have not contacted any of these people first, nor was I aware of this horrible situation until the Scott family approached me.

Upon investigation (and it's not hard, Mr. and Mrs. Scott), I have discovered much that has been published and forwarded to me concerning these adoptive parents has been false and just generally malicious. Further, one e-mail from the Scott family accuses me personally of being, as I took it, an employee of the Cramer Center who interviewed Mrs. Scott, and further accuses me of being a rape victim who has a axe of some nature to grind against those guilty of rape/statutory rape.

While I have worked in the legal world, I have never worked for the Cramer Center, nor have I met anyone from either family in this dispute. Further, I have never been raped, but I certainly support victims in their quest to punish rapists, be they either in the first or second degree. Apparently, if one looks at the facts in the case, and comes to a decision to support the adoptive parents, one is then "disturbed" to have made such a decision. These communications only reinforce my belief that Andrew Scott is being pushed by his parents into seeking custody.

My apologies to the adoptive parents for believing some of the negative remarks made online about you. Please let me know if I can help you in any way.

Thought for the day: "Just because you're a Christian, it doesn't mean you have to be anyone's doormat." Pat Starling