Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Check Out the New Asylum

No, our blog today doesn't concern any new machinations arising from the Alabama State Legislature. Today our spotlight is on Greystone Manor, that sprawling connection of corridors that comes alive each year in early fall. Perhaps alive is not the proper word; perhaps we should say this premiere haunted attraction becomes undead as the first falling leaves spiral to their destination of similarly dying grass.

Several of our readers have been concerned this brainchild of Vinnie Grosso and Shane Dabbs has fallen victim to the recession. Have no fear, or at least channel this timely emotion in another direction; due to the economy, Greystone will not open this year until October 1st, but it promises to provide even more terror than in years past. Admission to Greystone is still just $15.00, but this year for an added $5.00, one may tour the new Asylum wing. Killen may never be the same.

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