Sunday, September 27, 2009

Dirt Therapy (Phillip Oliver Style)

Dirt Therapy: Doesn't that sound like a wonderful name for a political blog about the South? If it does, the name is unfortunately already taken, or should we say fortunately. Dirt Therapy is a pleasing blend of gardening, cooking, and other interesting tidbits; and it's all wrapped up in exquisite form and brought to us by Phillip Oliver right here in the Shoals.

A recent blog featured "Gardens of the Shoals," altogether designed to produce a huge case of green thumb envy here with us. More to the point, it inspires us to produce something lovely with our own back gardens.

Some time ago, we discovered a glitch in our "Must Read Sites;" apparently for whatever reason we are no longer able to add sites. The road to Hades and all that, we've not taken the time to redo our links, but you can bet your aspidistra that when we do, Dirt Therapy will be on the expanded list.

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