Thursday, September 10, 2009

Tim Milam Announces for Colbert District Judge

Shoals attorney Tim Milam has announced his candidacy for Colbert County District Judge. Milam will be running as a Democrat in his quest to succeed retiring Judge George Carpenter. He joins a large covey of candidates that includes Chad Coker, Tina Miller Parker, and Polly Ruggles.

We have not received any personal word from Mr. Milam concerning his platform, but the following was posted in the official Facebook site he requested we join:

You would not believe what other people are telling me that other people are doing. They should be embarassed (sic), but are not. I have not changed one thing in my life because I am trying to serve the community by being the Judge. I want to be positive about the election and myself instead of negative about others, so I dont (sic) talk about the other things going on. I am a lifelong Democrat running as a Democrat. However, I have life long republicans that are telling me they will vote for me and help but they cannot do it publicly. I am proud that not only Democrats are voting for me. I am the most experienced person running and will stand on my record. I think it is important to have a broad background and work experience for the District Court Judge.

Milam at one time practiced corporate law in Florence. We wish him luck in this pivotal Shoals race--with the large and accomplished field of candidates, he will need it.

Notice: A trust fund has been set up at Bank Independent for the family of the late Sammy Tidwell. One may donate at any branch. Mr. Tidwell was well known in the world of Shoals cyberspace, and we offer our sincerest condolences to his family.