Sunday, September 20, 2009

Jeronimo Nisa, Artist with a Camera

Since the parent company of the Decatur Daily purchased the Shoals' TimesDaily, local readers have seen several new names credited with bylines and photographs in what is often termed the "Daily Disappointment." We noticed the name Jeronimo Nisa in connection with photos of the Russellville-Hartselle game last week and decided to Google it. We're glad we did.

Mr. Nisa is an artist with his camera; his blog Jero's Picture Journal showcases his extraordinary talent. We hope the editors of the TimesDaily will use more of Mr. Nisa's work in the future. We have an idea Nisa could make even the annual Spirit of Freedom celebration look inviting.

What's up with this: Apparently rumors of the restoration of Sweetwater Mansion are just that. Sadly, if someone does not act soon, there will be nothing left to renovate.