Sunday, September 6, 2009

What Says Labor Day? Spring Park!

Since tomorrow is Labor Day, we're sure many of our readers will visit the annual Spring Park celebration in Tuscumbia. While looking through images to illustrate our blog today, we found the one at right. While it's not an image of the end-of-summer get together, it's so impressive that we wanted to share it with our readers.

The artist responsible for the work is Tommy Thompson. Tommy has several blogs that feature his beautiful work; we particularly like Painting Under the Sun. According to his contact information, Tommy is a Shoals resident, and we hope to bring you more on him at a later date.

To all the working men and women of the Shoals, we wish you a happy Labor Day tomorrow. You've earned it.

Goodbye: Scott Stantis is leaving the Birmingham News after almost thirteen years as editorial cartoonist. We wish Mr. Stantis well, but fear no one else can sketch Troy King with a pompadour half as well.