Friday, September 11, 2009

Scott Fire - The Discussion Continues

Christie Bray Scott returned to Russellville today for a hearing that will be the first step in determining the outcome of her appeal for a new trial in the death of her six year-old son Mason. Judge Terry Dempsey has delayed his decision until next week.

In the interim, the discussion of Scott's guilt or innocence is again the topic of local forums. Much that is being written is simply a rehash of previously discussed theories; however, one forum may offer the public some new insights into the case.

Phorum 5 is a venue for discussing fires, arson, and related topics. The Scott case currently has several active topics in the forum and offers something the TimesDaily and other regional websites do not; James M. Munger, fire investigator who testified at the Scott trial, Chris Bloom, and John J. Lantini are active participants currently answering reader questions concerning the August 16, 2008, conflagration. The forum is open to the public, and we highly recommend it as a means to obtain more in depth information on the Scott fire, as well as others of interest.

Pictured is Russellville fire from June 2008.

What's up with this: We understand the TimesDaily forum has initiated another round of bannings during the last 24 hours; included was long time forum favorite DeepFat. At this rate, there will be no one left to post.