Saturday, September 12, 2009

Angus Leon Eledge: A Waste of Oxygen

Lauderdale County authorities have found accused child rapist Angus Leon Eledge living in his car at a camp ground in South Elgin. Eledge is accused of raping and sodomizing a six year-old Franklin County girl in January. It's taken almost nine months for the wheels of justice to move this far in Eledge's case; we hope his trial will be swift and his punishment, if found guilty, severe. Eledge faces the possibility of life in prison if convicted by a jury of his peers.

Just who is Angus Leon Eledge? According to public records, his most recent permanent address was 100 Lakeshore Drive in Killen. His profile on a social networking site provides little more information.

Born on November 4, 1975, the 33 year-old claims only two friends in Facebook--both adult woman named Amy. Amy H. lists Eledge as her only friend and proclaims her love for the accused child rapist. Eledge repays her comment by asking the identity of the two pre-school age girls in her photo album.

Recent comments on various local forums have portrayed Franklin County District Attorney Joey Rushing as inept. Let's hope the evidence will speak for itself in this case and that Eledge will remain incarcerated for the rest of his natural life.

What's up with this: Last night Russellville High School introduced students in its new ROTC program during halftime ceremonies at its opening home football game. Congratulations to RHS for this forward-thinking program--and they did it all without Roger Bedford's help.