Saturday, November 27, 2010

Half the State is Crying in its Turkey

If there should be any of this state's population who didn't have a favorite in yesterday's game, we would guess them to be under the age of three. That means at least half the adult population of Alabama is crying in its turkey today. If we injected an "it's only a game" at this point, we're sure many readers would slam down the cover of their laptops or engage in a violent mouse toss if sitting in front of a desk top.

There's nothing wrong with caring so ardently about one's favorite team. There is something wrong if we care more about football than we do the world in which we live and in which our children will live. It's getting closer to 2011 with every tick of the clock, and by all reports Alabama has lost ground in almost every area this year.

Is there nothing we can do to improve our lot here in the state time forgot? Obviously we don't feel this way or we wouldn't be writing a political blog every day. Tomorrow we'll hone in on a major problem facing the Shoals, know's not one that's insurmountable.

Tomorrow: The road that time and Mike Curtis forgot.