Sunday, November 14, 2010

Crystal Huddleston: Cherokee Rescue Squad Treasurer?

According to a social networking site, Crystal Sutton Huddleston was not only the office manager for Colbert County's 911 office, but currently serves as treasurer of the Cherokee Rescue Squad. According to her online bio, her hours at the 911 office were not strenuous; however, the Cherokee High School and Shoals Community College grad has been accused of writing herself unauthorized checks for overtime and sick pay. First Cherokee librarian Paige McWilliams (currently in work release) and now Crystal Huddleston--at this rate Mayor Chuck Lansdell won't have any employees left.


As the war between RegionalCare (ECM/Shoals) and Helen Keller Hospital heats up, employee concerns have so far been overlooked in the press. Besides numerous reports of disgruntlement concerning RegionalCare employee insurance, we've received an interesting communication concerning the disposition of ECM retirement funds. From a reader:

Commissioner Fulmer should be concerned about the status of the Coffee Health Group pension for its former employees. They have not received a statement since Jan 2009 for 2008. Former employees cannot find out from Aetna or from HR of Regional Care (which did not take over the fund) where our money is and what has happened. Those in the know retired or resigned before May 31 and were able to roll their full amount into an annuity fund. Those retiring after only can get monthly payments at age 62 with 25 yrs service or at age 65. Employees were notified of the changes on June 23 effective June 1. Employees are being told the money is there. When MHA was sold those employees were allowed to roll their retirement into something else.

Indeed this does sound like a situation in need of investigation by the Lauderdale County Commission. We urge all concerned ECM/Shoals employees to contact the commission. Understandably RegionalCare may know nothing concerning the funds, but Aetna should be required to answer the commission's questions concerning the current status of these retirement accounts.

What's up with this: Two men were arrested yesterday attempting to break into Sweetwater Mansion while carrying a ladder. Well, no one ever said crooks have intelligence...or good taste.