Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Failure to Communicate/Buyer's Remorse

The line about failure to communicate entered pop culture years ago, but apparently it's still applicable today--at least concerning the Lauderdale Emergency Management Agency. The long awaited in depth article concerning the validity of Rhea Tays Fulmer's attack on EMA Director George Grabryan was published in The Connection yesterday--and, yes, there were some surprises.

We'll let readers have sufficient time to digest the article before we comment:

This is What We Found under the Rock


And Now Buyer's Remorse

By J.J. Ray

The voters have spoken; buyer’s remorse has sunk the Democrats nationwide. Many talking heads agree that the election was remorse by the voters. Is that factual? Most of the exit polls suggest Obamacare and the economy as the reason for the results.

Many independents and democrats were sold a bill of goods in the “08” election called “Change you can believe in”. Most of them would have bought some swampland in Arizona that year if the world’s number one snake oil salesman had just offered it.

The good news of course is the tea party is finally showing the far left the back door and the triad of Socialisiim is no longer in power. The Prez was almost contrite, almost. Comrades Pelosi, Reid and the Prez have pretty much been neutered. Over 500 state seats have moved to the right and now the fight begins to restore this country to some common sense traditional values.

Cherokee did not have their monthly brawl because the members were voting, Tammy Irons was elected and Carole Medley became the first Republican woman ever to be a District Court Judge and the Alabama House of Representatives is now Republican. Now, that is change you can believe in, Mr. President.

I am told there was no scrap on the View this week and President Bush proclaimed that he is not a racist as Kayne West so ably labeled him. West even admitted he too was accused of being a racist. I learned the proper way to scramble an egg. For some my learning to scramble an egg is not news but you would have to consult my wife the ultimate restaurant manager for her determination. My inability to cook is right up there with my lack of math skills. The JJ motto is, “If it can be nuked that is cooking and thank God for calculators”.

Auburn is now 10 and 0 and there is a possibility we may have another national championship and perhaps another Heisman. Unemployment in the Shoals is down. Sufficient to say this has been such a historical and great week, putting all the good news down on paper would take up a lot of space.

One thing that I did learn during all the politicking was negativity. It is so easy to be negative and listen only to the bad news we forget the good. When you read the various online e-zines, newspapers and TV there is a common thread and that is bad news.

Therefore, I made a decision to find some good news this week and every week. The current environment dictates that we do desperately need good news. Remember:

“Everyone has inside of him a piece of good news. The good news is that you don't know how great you can be! How much you can love! What you can accomplish! And what your potential is!” - Anne Frank


The 1915 Florence Fire Department? Let's hope someone local purchases this find and returns it to the Shoals: Link