Friday, May 27, 2011

What's Wrong at the Colbert County Animal Shelter?

From 2003 until 2009, Tommy Morson received mainly rave reviews for his management of the Colbert County Animal Shelter. Then in 2009, a local veterinarian brought a suit against the shelter and challenged the manner in which the facility performs euthanasia. Morson has been vocal in his advocacy of the gas chamber, a method used now in only a handful of Alabama shelters. Director Morson feels a more personal method of ending the lives of stray animals would take too great a toll on shelter workers. This point may soon become moot if the state continues down its current path and outlaws such methods in toto.

While this debate is ongoing, Morson now faces stronger charges. According to reports from last week's Colbert County Animal Control Association meeting, at least one employee and one volunteer have accused Morson of various forms of sexual harassment. A second employee presented copies of e-mails in which Director Tommy Morson apparently corresponded with an escort service in another city, arranging for its services while on a shelter related trip.

So far, the Association has taken no steps to discipline Morson. Our sources say the investigation is ongoing, and more details will be published as they become available. We commend Mr. Morson for his past dedication to area animals; however, a hostile work environment is not one that draws either volunteers or capable employees. We hope this is resolved quickly.


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