Monday, May 9, 2011

Pictures of Hope

Ten days after the devastating tornadoes, the hardest hit counties are just beginning to rebuild. Where do they start? Sometimes a small item can be of monumental importance. A high school diploma may have no monetary value, but it's priceless to its owner. Here's a link to a Facebook site featuring over 3.5K photos and documents. Let's hope each featured item can be returned to its owner.

Pictures and Documents from the 4/27 Tornado


Sadly not only documents were separated from their owners, so were hundreds of pets. If you are missing a four-legged family member or have found a well cared for dog or cat, here's the site to reunite these little ones with those who love and cherish them. Currently there are over 400 animals listed. Pictured above is a small dog found in Franklin County.

Animals Lost & Found During 4/27 Tornado


Most importantly, continue to remember the victims in your prayers.