Wednesday, May 25, 2011

As Others See Us...

Is living in Tornado Alley any worse than living in a certain western state prone to earthquakes and forest fires? Is it worse than living below sea level in Louisiana? We think not...but we do like to see both sides of the coin before we totally disagree with one or the other. In that spirit, here's a link to an extremely interesting article that may sway some opinion, or at least lead many to suggest a certain Alabama senator learn to tone down his rhetoric:


Fallout from last month's tornadoes continues. Did the town of Littleville lose the key to its community storm shelter? Two e-mails to us have indicated as much. Calls to the town directed us to several individuals--none of whom had the knowledge or authority to comment on the situation.

Did the Phil Campbell Fire Department use illegal Mexican labor to repair its roof? That question involves several facets, and we can comment on the issue without even calling the fire chief who was named in the e-mail.

The town of Phil Campbell in all probability contracted with a roofing firm, not knowing if it employed Caucasian snake handlers, black voodoo queens, or Mexican hat dancers. It is the responsibility of the roofing company to ensure each employee's paperwork is in order (read: not forged).

As for the workers being Mexican, we may assume they were Hispanic, but they could have been Guatemalan or any other nationality from below the border. If they are illegal, what should be done? Illegal is illegal; they should be deported. We don't see the ICE making very much effort to do its job unless the said illegal immigrants are convicted of violent crimes. If you have an answer please contact us. We'll be happy to publish your thoughts and replies.


The Connection has published it's third installment on recent events at the Colbert County Animal Shelter. We look forward to the next installment of this erotic soap opera; however, we don't think we'll be stepping on any toes if tomorrow we publish some background on the shelter and its current director Tommy Morson...