Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Eddie Chandler Claims Innocence/Willie Lyons Resigns

As predicted, Eddie Frank Chandler made his first court appearance yesterday. What was not predicted was his avowal of innocence. Arrest? Yes. Confession? Apparently not...

What are the odds Chandler acted alone in the 1994 murder of Chris Stanback? This is what one reader wrote:

Ok.....what I am trying to figure out is how did one young boy do all of that to someone alone? I was supposed to meet Chris the day he disappeared and I called his home and Rudy told me he left in a car with some white guys and he would be right back......what happened to all that info because it sure is different now.

As stated before, the trial may provide more twists than a Patricia Cornwell novel.


According to an article in The Connection, Community Corrections Director Willie Lyons has resigned from the position he assumed in 2009.

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