Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Full Moon for Sheriffs?

We recently blogged about an anonymous North Alabama sheriff who refused mutual aid to a neighboring county during the aftermath of the tornado outbreak. Now C.R. presents a similar story from Colbert:

Just a couple of weeks ago, tornadoes ripped through Marion, Franklin, and Lawrence Counties. The images from that devastating day will never be forgotten. After the tornadoes destroyed entire city blocks several law enforcement agencies in the affected counties called for all available law enforcement assistance. One local law enforcement agency failed to quickly respond to the repeated cries for help.

For an unknown reason the Colbert County Sheriff’s Department failed for several hours to respond to the calls of mutual aid. During the last election an issue came out that the Sheriff is very hands off and stays in the office. It appears that this is still a problem. Sheriff May did not comprehend the severity of the situation and failed to lead when called upon to do so.

After finally responding to the calls for help, the Sheriff has now put a stop to any Colbert County Deputies working in the tornado affected areas. The deputies are paid overtime by FEMA. There are currently police officers from Orange Beach AL. working in the affected areas.

It is a very sad day when a police department from the Mobile area can help our local community and the Colbert County Sheriff’s Department refuses to. This is no way a deputy problem. Every deputy wants to go and help but the Sheriff told the deputies to stand down.

I hope and pray that if Colbert County ever needs help, that the people responding from other areas will take into account the decision was made by the Sheriff and not the citizens of Colbert County.


Great news...or perhaps it's only grate. It seems National Alabama Corp. has a new contract. Unfortunately it's not for rail cars, but for ironwork for Lowe's Home Improvement Centers. It's thought that the contract is for 1K pieces of gates and similar iron items. Well...they have to start somewhere.