Monday, May 16, 2011

It's 8:00 a.m. Do You Know Where Your State Legislator Is?

Have you tried to contact your state senator or representative recently? We just read that the TimesDaily was unsuccessful in getting Sen. Tammy Irons to return its phone calls. In fairness, when she has been contacted by our J.J. Ray, she replied one out of the two times; however, the one time contacted by Shoalanda she did not reply.

However, it does seem when presented with what a constituent sees as a problem, the pat answer by most legislators is that the law needs to be changed and he or she will look into it. Not always does the law need to be changed. The Putative Father Registry is a prime example; if you don't know that you're a father 30 days after the birth of a child (military personnel excepted), you're nothing more than a sperm donor.


Some recent reader comments:

On the TimesDaily not including the website address in its article on the World Fishing Network contest, a reader writes:
"We'll have to think of a new name for the TD now, it's more than just the daily disappointment."

On our blog concerning hiring practices of the Lauderdale County Commission:
I'm wondering if the piece on the Lauderdale County Commission isn't too.....'inflammatory'? Is 'Shoalanda' seeking to initiate change and reform or to anger the 'target' of the article? Is a more diplomatic approach called for?

We'll state here that we usually have the utmost respect for the commission; yet, they don't always act in the best interests of those they are elected to serve. Nevertheless, point is taken and apologies offered if the commission was offended by the tone of the blog. We stand by our position that the bar is usually set much too low for courthouse employees.

On our puzzle: When do you tell us what the puzzle is, where it came from, and weren't you afraid to open the box?

Stay tuned tomorrow for the rest of the story....


Now a fantastic video from Kerry Gilbert and the KGB. Kerry is much like Visa. You can find him many places, but never at a certain local scam.