Sunday, May 22, 2011

Who Are the Johnson Brothers?

Alfred Shawn Johnson would have been 29 when he allegedly murdered Keith Barnett in the summer of 2000; his brother Shannon Ray Johnson would have been 30. Now both are in jail on charges of large scale prescription drug fraud, along with more than 20 others. Which one of these co-conspirators reported the Johnsons? It will be interesting to see which of these other defendants gets the sweetheart plea deal.

Reportedly, the Johnsons have at least posed as legitimate businessmen, owning a sporting goods store in Petersville. Yet, both have extensive records. Sources say their arraignment will be Monday, but that should not provide much new information. Perhaps the main question doesn't involve their trials for the drug and felony murder charges, but in their sentencing should they be found guilty. As habitual offenders convicted of a violent crime, they could be sentenced to Life Without Parole. It seems appropriate.


Sources in Sheffield say there are still non-functioning tornado warning sirens in place. Considering the magnitude of the April 27th tornadoes, it would seem imperative to have them repaired before the start of bad weather season in the fall. If you live near one that does not function or does not function properly, please report them to the Colbert County EMA. If you have done so and have received no satisfaction there, report them to the Colbert County Commission. Not only do you pay taxes for these, there are often Federal grants in place to help with the cost of maintaining these sirens.


The Connection has published Part II in its ongoing report of misconduct at the Colbert County Animal Shelter: