Monday, May 23, 2011

Is Tammy Happy?

Who really sabotaged Lynn Greer's plan to keep both Lauderdale and Colbert Counties in District Five? According to another local political pundit, Morgan county may be taking the blame based strictly on smoke and mirrors:

Thoughts on the Redistricting Committee's Decision to Separate Colbert & Lauderdale Counties

Dino has much inside Montgomery info to which we aren't privy. What would Tammy L. Irons gain in her race to become governor? Or in some other venue, for that matter? Obviously this could mean a tremendous boost to any higher political aspirations of Roger Bedford. Perhaps it's a little bit of quid pro quo?

We invite reader comments.


The state of education at UNA? We were happy to read of ongoing renovations to Bibb Graves Hall on the UNA campus, but a little mystified by a comment from UNA's Michael Gautney. In his description of improvements to the administration building, Gautney felt the need to tell us what an air lock is. Since he deals with a pedantic crowd on a daily basis, we have to wonder just how much the vocabulary of both students and those who profess to teach them has diminished in the past few decades.


Interested in buying stock in local companies? We doubt you would find this 1919 stock certificate on NASDAC, but it certainly has historical value.

You can bid on eBay until May 29th:

Dr. Stutts Eas-It Chemical Co.