Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Huntsville Mediation: There Goes the Judge...

A longtime reader sent us a link to a site entitled Huntsville Mediation: Judge Jimmy Sandlin. On this site, our former Lauderdale Family Court judge identifies himself as a member of the Madison County Bar Association. Earlier, we had commented on a report that Sandlin was moving south; apparently it was only slightly to the south and much more to the east.

Scan to the bottom of the page and you'll see a list of towns, complete with various zip codes, that Sandlin serves. Looking at the zip 35631, we have to wonder how many divorces and custody suits are being filed by downtown Florence post office boxes. Since we don't see 35633, we infer things are pretty peaceable in Central, Cloverdale, Underwood, and Petersville...or perhaps these citizens are just deemed to have fewer funds for divorce arbitration.

A word to the wise: Simple divorces in which no children are affected can be had for as little as $300.00...and you don't even have to drive to Huntsville. As for less amicable divorces? We're eager to see what happens when Judge Jimmy Sandlin encounters his first knock down, drag out meeting of spouses at which he has no power to threaten jail time. He just may reconsider his new career.


Time for a quiz: She was an elderly, uneducated lady who needed a job and a home. Taking a job as a caretaker, she put a roof over her head, but little else. She didn't even have indoor plumbing. Who was she? Was she abused by her employer, or was she simply getting what she deserved because she was ill-educated and had no retirement income?

The last time we checked even jails and prisons had indoor showers, sinks, and toilets. What kind of employer lets someone live like this? Tomorrow the answer.