Sunday, May 15, 2011

Have a GED? You've Got the Job!

Education. We don't obtain all, or perhaps even most, of our education sitting in a classroom. Mo Berg said reading seven newspapers a day would soon provide one with the equivalent of a college degree. Nevertheless, our society as a whole preaches education and more education. Alabama. Lauderdale County.

Here's a current job description for a property appraisal clerk:

Property Appraisal Clerk

High School Diploma or GED equivalency required. Requires working knowledge of general office skills and equipment operation sufficient to handle a variety of duties. Compiles data on new construction. Requires good typing skills, math skills, and computer skills. Uses applicable laws, guidelines, and department procedures, Employee performs various appraisal calculations on real property and other personal property. Prepares property record cards and maps. Answers telephone, greets visitors, provides information and assistance. Application deadline is May 18, 2011.

Ah, but you say experience can and does make up for formal education. Yes, indeed, but we don't see any reference to experience in the job description. Let's cut to the chase--the person who brought this to our attention says the Lauderdale County Commission doesn't require advanced degrees for any courthouse positions in order to facilitate hiring of friends and relatives. Surely not! Here in Lauderdale County?

If that were true, wouldn't it encourage the county's young college graduates to move to other areas? That would be like saying if you sent the commissioners a letter on a subject of importance to the citizens, they wouldn't bother to answer...oh, right, they don't.


An update on the World Fishing Network contest: Florence is now 10th out of 20 cities, with just over 16 days left to vote. It's not about size apparently, since Denver, Colorado, is in last place. The winning city will receive 25K and quite a bit of advertising; right now it doesn't look like Florence will come in first...unless you begin to VOTE.