Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The Mignon Has Returned & Other Oddities

From C.R.:

The Mignon Has Returned

I believe the alliance between the former Cherokee City Mayor Mignon Willis and current Cherokee City Councilmembers referred to as the Burger King Four (Councilmembers Malone, Glover, Mason, and Franks) is well documented. The power was so great that a former councilmember voted to put Mignon Willis on the water board and then resigned after the vote.

Well, it appears over the last few months a fracture has occurred. During the city's bitter budget battle, sources close to the Cherokee City council reveal that the cutbacks were orchestrated by Mignon Willis. Being the good lap dogs the Burger King Four are they voted to slash money and save the city from the supposed brink of disaster. But after cutting the budget the council voted to spend over $15,000.00 on a broken down abandoned senior citizens building.

Stress Crack

The recent flip flop on the hiring of the two police officers is where the fracture started. After the huge cut back in benefits to the city employees and the cutoff of gas to the rescue squad and fire departments, one Cherokee Police Officer resigned and went to work at another Police Dept. The Cherokee City Council voted to hire one full time and one part time police officer. Mignon Willis was outraged by the hirings and demanded that the vote be rescinded. Shortly after the demand, a special called meeting was held and the city council voted to reverse their vote on the hiring of the police officers.

No Sewer for You

When Mayor Chuck Lansdell left the mayor’s seat in 2004, he had lined up a sewer grant for the city. When Mignon Willis took office she decided the grant was too expensive and decided not to pursue the sewer grant. Well, that decision has cost the City of Cherokee and the citizens that have to pay the sewer rates about $800,000.00. The sewer has fallen apart and ADEM is on the city's back to correct the problem or face fines or imprisonment. The City Council having no other recourse voted to approve a sewer grant that Mayor Lansdell secured. The new grant is about $800,000.00 more than the grant in 2004.

The Alliance Has Fallen?

Leading up to the sewer vote, Mignon Willis voiced her displeasure with the grant and told the Burger King Four to vote against the grant. Facing fines or imprisonment the council voted to approve the sewer grant. Being the vindictive person that everyone but the Burger King Four can see, Cherokee Water Board Member Mignon Willis proposed an increase of the transaction fee that the city pays the water department to collect the sewer fees. The city currently pays the water department $250.00 a month to collect the sewer fees.

The proposal that Mignon Willis got passed will increase the fee to $1500.00 a month. Who will pay this increase? The city will have to pass on the extra cost and the citizens of Cherokee will. When the sewer rates increase everyone should thank Mignon Willis for it. The Cherokee Water Board Members that voted for the increase are Mignon Willis, Chairman Puckett, and Mr. Bozeman. All eyes will be on Councilmembers Malone, Glover, Mason, and Franks. Will the Burger King Four stay in the alliance with their puppet master or will they fight this increase and try to save the Cherokee Citizens some money?


Debbie Wilson has asked us to announce the second phase of the "America's Favorite Fishing City" contest has begun. Florence is among 20 towns vying for the first prize of 25K. The contest will end in three weeks--you may vote four times a day.