Sunday, September 2, 2012

Talking Back to NAHCER

 Evelyn A. Servin - Hispanic Indian Activist

Today's TimesDaily has once again presented its readers with a one-sided view concerning illegal immigration, albeit in an article criticizing a purported similarly lopsided immigration debate, at least according to some Hispanics. Let's look at what two NAHCER (North Alabama Hispanic Coalition for Equal Rights) members had to say. Coalition remarks will be in red; our replies will be in green.

Evelyn A. Servin:

“We’re all part of a bigger coalition, which is the Alabama Coalition of Immigrant Justice. We’re all under that umbrella.”

Uh, Ms. Servin, that word "justice" in your group's do realize that part of the definition of justice is following the law and and using lawful means, don't you?

"Hispanics’ civil rights are violated in multiple ways each day. For example, things that white people would simply be warned about, such as driving with a taillight out or not stopping the full five seconds at a stop sign, are things that could land a Hispanic in jail or result in a heavy fine."

Really, Ms. Servin? Could you give us one example of that? Admittedly running a stop sign or failure to yield is a moving violation. It would be up to the officer's discretion as to how he/she handled it, but going to jail for having a taillight burned out? Please...just one example of that. We'll be happy to publish it. We'll even be happy to do a series of blogs about it if you can prove it really did happen. Or is this reported jail time in the same category as the infamous First Friday Murder Plot?

Also, please remember that Hispanic is an ethnicity, not a race. There are white and black Hispanics who are offended whenever you misuse the word.

"One of the greatest things the law tries to do is promote fear."

We have it on pretty good authority that if you're not breaking any laws, you don't have anything to fear. If you feel that way about the United States, why do you want to live here?

Richard Hoffman:

“As I’ve spent time with Hispanic people, (I’ve learned) that they have values Americans supposedly treasure, and wants and needs."

Mr. Hoffman, most of the western hemisphere and a great deal of the eastern have similar values to U.S. citizens. Certainly Hispanic (Indians) have wants and needs. That should come as a surprise to no one.

"Some immigrants made mistakes and broke laws by coming into the U.S. illegally. But that horse is out of the barn, and now we need to figure out a way to deal with it."

Just where should this amnesty stop? How about the bank robber who really needed money and has been on the run for 20 years? Or maybe the serial killer who is truly reformed? After all, it's been 40 years; why not let Charles Manson leave prison to spend his twilight years in peace and meditation? Oh, and as for amnesty for those illegal immigrants here now, that plan really worked well 20 years ago, didn't it? You don't think it just might actually encourage more illegal immigration, do you? Nah...

"Another misconception is that people think getting documented is an easy process."

No, Mr. Hoffman, we don't think it's cheap, quick, or easy. Our friends from India and Australia and Ireland who have done it have told us how hard it is, but they did it legally. Think about that.

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  1. My Mother came to this country legally after escaping from concentration camp. She was lent $700 by the US government and my Dad had to pay it back after they were married. When they came into Ellis Island, they were told that you are in America, learn to speak English. Yezz