Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Quad-Cities Daily - One Million Page Hits!

Our friends at the Quad-Cities Daily are announcing they've now racked up one million page hits, not a bad showing for a local Internet news source. Congratulations to Steve and Sheri Wiggins for the achievement.

Like them or not, local arrest photos have a place in today's world, and the QCD brings them into your home or office at a great price--free! The QCD also broke the story of a local music minister being forced to resign over allegations of sexual misconduct.

Here's looking forward to your next one million page hits!


Need more home security? For as little as six dollars up to twenty, you can buy a door stop wedge alarm. Simply Google the four words "Door stop wedge alarm," and you'll find at least a dozen merchants who sell them online. They're also available at big box stores like Home Depot and Lowe's. Two doors will cost around forty dollars at most to secure. This alarm type is louder than the door/window alarms sold at Big Lots or Dollar Tree.

Any security is better than none. If you're really living on the cheap, simply place a large metal object against the door of your dorm room or apartment. Then be ready with the wasp spray or, as b50m has suggested yesterday, your lethal weapon of choice. No, we're not advocating firing a deadly salvo at the pervert; b50m's choice of body parts to target should work just swimmingly.



  1. As one who writes for the Quad Cities Daily, I want to express my appreciation to our readers out there in ceber world. Mary

  2. Mary, you may write for SS anytime you wish! The QCD is lucky to have you.

    Also, we were negligent not to post a link in today's blog, but if you look to the left sidebar, you'll find one below our most popular posts.

  3. Thank you for the kind words. If and when I and when I can get in retirement mode, I'll be glad to write for you. Right now besides a full time job, my hooligan/gardening blog and GRIT blog, I'm trying to finish up the 2013 Tuscumbia calendar, my other blog 'The Tuscumbian' has been neglected.