Sunday, September 9, 2012

Cherokee: The Shoals' Answer to Dodge City

Welcome to Cherokee, the town that law forgot, or forgot law, or perhaps never knew the meaning of the word. Once again this small western Colbert County town has thumbed its collective nose at the law, this time election law. So far Cherokee has not conducted a recount of the Malone-Mason council race, and Debroah Malone has been forced to file a lawsuit--a suit that costs the citizens of Colbert County actual taxpayer dollars as well as possible lost new business. After all, would you think it expedient to open a store or factory in a town that has the recent history of lawlessness ascribed to Cherokee? We thought not.


In another local election, Wayne Killen defeated current Lexington mayor Bobby McGuire in the race for a council seat. Killen said the town wanted a change. Not all change is good, but this one obviously will offer more transparency in the workings of this small town's once tight-knit political machine. It was a long time coming.


Last week, TimesDaily political columnist Mike Goens wrote of dirty politics in some local elections. He didn't mention names, and we haven't heard any specifics. If forced to venture a guess, we'll go with Russellville. The new mayor has his job cut out for him.


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