Saturday, September 29, 2012

"It Was A Man"

We don't know what description of her attacker the recent UNA rape victim was able to give. We're sure it provided more details that the campus rapist's gender; we also assume more details will be released at a later date after they've been confirmed. This was the second incident in the university parking deck in the past seven days. Obviously co-eds will be avoiding this area, and probably most male students. Does that mean the student body will remain safe?

We've mentioned before that students need to check with public safety as to what self-defense items are allowed on campus. A personal alarm is always a great choice for those women, and men, who must be out at late hours or in deserted areas. Here's a link to a very effective personal alarm that doubles as a door alarm. Others are available at various retail outlets and big box stores.


On the bright side for UNA students:

Save the date for a fun night...


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