Monday, September 17, 2012

A Sweet Deal for Steven Scott?

Pictured above is 53 year-old Steven Len Scott of Russellville. Sources say Scott has been a frequent visitor to various mental health facilities and had been living on the street when he was placed in Village Square Apartments in Russellville. According to an article in Pen N Sword, the facility will take no one younger than 55...and they must have a mobility disability in order to qualify.

Last month Scott shoved or pushed down an elderly tenant, one using a walker no less, removed her keys from her purse, and headed south in her car, which he eventually abandoned in Moulton. Authorities speculated Scott was headed to Sarasota, Florida, where he has family, but the opportunistic car thief made it only as far as Morgan County.

So what is Russellville charging him with? Unauthorized use of a vehicle. We thought such charges were reserved for those who borrowed cars and decided to keep them a few extra days, not those who attack the owner and flee to parts unknown.

Scott remains incarcerated in the Franklin County Jail. We hope Steven Scott's victim will insist that stronger charges be filed.


Russellville is not immune from the plight of "street people." Just as in large cities, small towns will also have those who live on the street, many by choice. It's commendable for DHR and other services to attempt to find homes for those who want and need shelter, but it also should be expected that those who use the system in order to find such housing will abide by the rules.

Several relatives of Village Square residents have contacted various news media concerning recent arrivals at the HUD housing complex. While the situation is alarming to them, these new tenants are breaking no laws (with the exception of Scott). If these individuals are causing hygiene problems, we would suggest contacting the Franklin County Health Department. Good luck.


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