Saturday, September 1, 2012

Field Goal Tops Carjacking?

If you're registered with the TimesDaily e-mail alert system, you're notified of breaking news stories as they're published in the TD. We received such an alert last night; it seems Gadsden kicked a field goal and beat Florence in this season's opening football game. While we're disappointed Florence didn't win its opener, we're a little bemused as to why this would be breaking news.

We're especially perplexed since the TD hasn't yet reported on the carjacking that happened in Russellville Wednesday night. For real breaking news, we may just have to depend on Pen N Sword and The Quad-Cities Daily.


The smaller the hometown newspaper, the more humorous the news. We'll attempt to recreate an article from the Lawrenceburg news some 20 years ago:

Last week we reported that the John Smiths arrived home at two-clock Sunday morning to find they'd been robbed. The Smiths would like our readers to know that they actually arrived home at ten o'clock Saturday night. When Mr. Smith woke up at two o'clock the next morning to go to the bathroom, he decided to check on the dog in the back yard and discovered the burglary.

Well, we're certainly glad the Smiths weren't out until all hours...


A reader from Cherokee wrote:

I for one don't  think it should be frowned upon by having a vote verification and/or recount of votes when Ms. Malone was only beaten by 2 votes.  It should be mandatory and/or automatic when it is that close.  If the voters and/or politicians were honest then they have nothing to worry about.


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