Saturday, September 15, 2012

Stop DHR Corruption?

Kathleen Raskin

Kathleen Raskin lives in Las Vegas, but she has a bone to pick with Lauderdale County. We've said before that there are really few winners in family court, loving and caring adoptions being the exception. Those who "lose" are certainly unhappy. Such a one is Ms. Raskin.

In fact she's so unhappy that she's started a website called:

She's seeking the termination or impeachment of Judge Billy Jackson, Denise Burch JD, Labrisco Cook, and Sarah Jane Hendershot. We will assume that Cook and Hendershot work for DHR. 

We're not sure how far Ms. Raskin will get with her crusade, but she's certainly making her presence known on various websites dedicated to consumer complaints. 


A word of advice concerning social workers (or anyone else): If they marry a man who's already been married and divorced four times, they might not have very much common sense to start with...



  1. Hi Shoalanda - It's Kathleen Raskin!

    Thank you for the recognition. My journey started with what I thought was a misunderstanding, but when then lied repeatedly, acted on hearsay, stepped right over me, and laughed about it, they drew a line in the sand with a well-financed, well connected individual.

    Since July 20, 2012, when I found myself Judge Billy "Rubber Stamp" Jackson's Kangaroo Court, we're built quite a network of hundreds of people who have the same story over and over and over. It's heartbreaking, and it MUST stop.

    We have filmed for TV, and we will appear before a Senate Sub-Committee in January. We are collecting more and more information each and every day with the intent to bring every offender to Justice.

    So thank you for the recognition and keep in touch! We really believe we will bring these folks to justice!


    Kathleen Raskin

  2. Juvenile cases are confidential. It is actually a misdemeanor for an individual to improperly reveal the contents, facts, circumstances, etc. involved in a juvenile case. As such, it is not possible for any of the individuals with whom Ms. Raskin takes issue to defend themselves in the court of public opinion. The opinions of one party to a lawsuit are obviously biased, expecially when that individual knows the other parties are legally prohibited from responding. How sad that this is put out as fact, particularly considering the exceptional job Lauderdale County DHR does when compared to other counties and states.

    1. We have reported on Ms. Raskin's quest since it is rare in our system to see one take this approach. We do know since Judge Smith left the bench, there has been constant criticism of the family court in Lauderdale County. We also feel Judge Jackson inherited, to put it colloquially, a royal mess from Judge Sandlin. We look forward to chronicling Ms. Raskin's pursuit of justice for her family, but we make no pronouncements on who may or may not be in the right here.

  3. Hi Shoalanda - It sounds like a DHR worker or Guardian is looking for sympathy! Our approach is really much like the hundreds if not thousands of complaints on the Internet against DHR, Guardians ad litem, and Judges throughout Alabama, and in fact all throughout the country. We just happen to be LOUDER! LOL! And we're well funded and well connected, and really angry that they stole our niece and put her in harm's way by returning them to the only person who ever actually abused her. Too much to share with you here. And lots still under wraps. But I were a DHR case worker (no names Labrisco Cook!) or a Guardian ad litem (Denise H Burch!) or a Family Court Judge (Billy "rubber-stamp" Jackson") I'd either be taking xanax and looking for a new profession, or DOING THE RIGHT THING and returning all the children that were taken on hearsay in order to line their pockets and give them back to their families where they belong! I'm not against protecting children that need to be protected, but if it is the case that every one of the children in "Custody" were taken out of harm's way, then why is it that they have a QUOTA at DHR of how many children they need to take to cover their budget! Ooooooh - nobody likes talking about the money.....except perhaps the FEDS! :-))

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