Thursday, September 20, 2012

Thousand Dollar Reward for North Florence Bedroom Intruder

Sometimes the promise of a monetary reward is required to make us do the right thing. We hope the newly announced award in Monday's burglary/sex abuse case will bring someone forward. If you have any info on what some have dubbed the "North Florence Bedroom Intruder," call the Florence Police department at 256-768-2728.

Below is an artist's sketch of a young man wanted in a kidnapping/robbery on the UNA campus earlier this year. He may have nothing to do with the North Florence crimes...or he may be the perpetrator, or would that be pervert?


The Monday burglary/attack occurred at Summit Ridge Apartments off Helton Drive. An online blurb for the Dalcor property reads: Discover the thrill, excitement and glee of living in Summit Ridge Apartments. We may safely assume it was pretty exciting early Monday morning, but not in any good way.

Police say the intruder entered via a sliding glass door. Here's another little device that would be a worthwhile purchase for those of you who have such entries. Keep in mind there are cheaper versions on the market as well as more expensive. These can also be purchased locally at big box home improvement stores.


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  1. Does this not resemble Elijah Graham? I was just reading through and when I seen the mugshot of Graham I had to go look at this sketch.