Thursday, September 27, 2012

More on Mitchell Terry/Hershel Graham

The arrest of Mitchell Blake Terry is producing more questions; is he in fact the North Florence Bedroom Intruder? We believe he was in no way connected to the recent attempted kidnapping in Tuscumbia, but our sources at the Florence Police Department have remained mum on the laundry list of charges that may be facing Terry.

The official news release also connects Terry to a second Heathrow burglary/assault on September 21st, but not the three home intrusions from this spring. A reader has sent us a quote from Terry's mother's Facebook page in which she mentions his "victims." This may refer to those burglary victims in crimes that go back at least three years.

Terry did not live in the North Florence area; we have to wonder why he chose that location for his crime spree. No matter his rationale, he is now behind bars, and we hope he stays there.


Pre-trial for Hershel Dale Graham, admitted killer of David Martin Andrasik, has been postponed for the fourth time. David's family understandably is seeking quick closure to the case, but that may not be possible.

No matter the number of delays, Franklin County Judge Terry Dempsey will eventually require Graham's attorneys to face this day in court. Graham will eventually be tried and judged by a jury of his peers. Murder cases often take two or more years to be brought to trial. It's a sad reality, and we wish the Andrasik family the best in their wait.


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  1. I for one will be very glad when Hershel Graham FACES his fate at trial.. so tired of the lies being spread about David. David was not perfect, never claimed to be but he was an honest, decent & loving family man and he always bragged about how proud he was of his family & how much they meant to him. He has many many family & friends supporting him & his Justice. I wonder how many apologies to his family will be posted from the Graham followers will come FORTH when the TRUTH comes out about Graham and what a monster he really is.