Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Elijah Graham Arrested/We Need Copies

Elijah Graham

Earlier this year, many readers wondered why Elijah Graham was not indicted for Felony Murder in the death of David Andrasik. Witnesses at the scene had testified Elijah ran over Andrasik's foot, hindering his escape, before Hershel D. Graham fatally shot David in the chest. The Red Bay 18 year-old has was arrested on September 7th for possession of a controlled substance--non-marijuana, and possession of drug paraphernalia. The elder Graham has yet to be brought to trial. Sources say the court date for Hershel Graham has again been postponed.

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Several readers have inquired concerning the contents of the two letters we recently blogged about--letters related to a local sheriff's department. While we know the basic content, we don't feel comfortable publishing hearsay information. If anyone has a copy of either letter, please scan it and e-mail it to us at:


Some advice to young (and older) women. If you're called into your boss' office, supposedly for an infraction of rules, and he states something like this, "You're in a lot of trouble, but if you take off those Bobbie Brooks and show me what you got, I'll forget about it," this is what you reply:

1. What you're suggesting is immoral.
2. What you're suggesting is sexual harassment.
3. Does your wife know you act this way?
4. Do the voters (if applicable) and members of (insert name of church if applicable) know you act this way?

Then you file appropriate charges faster than he can scarf a sugar-coated doughnut.


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  1. Saw a comment from a Steven on the TOPIX page bashing David.. do they really know this "boy" as they call him? If he ran over David then that is Assault with a deadly weapon and attempted murder and is it correct NO CHARGES were filed against him for that act? I overhead at a restaurant not so long ago that Elijah Graham has talked a lot of smack about David right after this happened at his local school & around town which IF TRUE is beyond rude & heartless knowing there is a family still very much alive suffering the loss of David. This is beyond sad what happened to that man and my heart aches for his family.