Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Micah Coffey 1979-2012

Micah was born not far from Whoville, it is a little town located in Lawrence County where everyone wonders who you are! We have been pondering this who is Micah ourselves. We know a few things about him like: his old friends call him harpo, we aren't sure if its because he harps on things or plays the harmonica known in the blues circles as the "harp". He sometimes plays the keyboard with his feet, we just think this is a result of his childhood, growing up the way he did and all. He has been a real asset to the band though, we couldn't find anyone else to do all the stuff he does.-- From The Flashbacks website

Sadly, Micah Coffey, musician and Lawrence County coroner, passed away this morning at his home. Our friend Carlton Utley had this to say: It will be a loss to the Lawrence County community because Micah was one of the most good hearted people I ever had the pleasure of knowing. I think of him as a friend and as long as we worked together on the ambulance, it`s more like family.

Our sympathies to Micah's family.


Pen N Sword is reporting that missing Sheffield woman Laura Willingham has been found:


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