Sunday, September 23, 2012

This Law Isn't Fair...

Uh, Shoalanda, you say, which law are we talking about? All of them. Or just about anyway. Almost every law on the books is unfair to some segment of the population. Are you old enough to remember when it was common for a large percentage of cars on the road to have an "Antique" license plate? It seems that some previous incarnation of our state legislature had the bright idea that any vehicle over 25 years old would qualify for a one-time only car tag. We'll guess most members of that august body didn't realize just how many old trucks and other beaters were actually on the road.

Was it fair for Citizen A to pay taxes through the nose for his/her 20K car, when Citizen B drove a 50 year old Bentley valued at 45K but paid nothing? Our legislature finally woke up to the huge loss of revenue and revoked that particular bit of legislation. Now our Republican led lawmakers are being criticized for amending a law that for the last five years has given disabled homeowners an across the board property tax exemption without regard to their income. In truth, 100% of the legislature voted to amend this law.

Live in a 100K house and pay taxes? Guess what...Mohammad Ali next door in his McMansion isn't paying anything. Our current legislature has simply plugged a hole in an existing law. It's often hard to quantify a disability, but not so hard to quantify actual income. Those who're crying "new tax" are either unable to think logically or overly eager to criticize anything Republican.


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