Tuesday, August 5, 2014

What Does Your Language Say About You?

No, gentle readers, we weren’t saying in a recent blog that no one needs Jesus. We were commenting on the Lexington water clerk using a vulgarity in a FB post and then immediately telling us here at Shoalanda that we need Jesus. You’ve certainly never seen anyone here publish that kind of language. Think about this...

You just stumped your toe...you know, the one you jammed against a brick last week, the one with the infected ingrown nail. What did you say? If you managed something innocuous, good for you. If you let out a curse or “dirty word”, you would not be alone. If anyone heard you, they probably identified with your pain and didn’t give it a second thought.

Now you’re on Facebook, telling your friends about the painful toe. You may have several adjectives to describe the unlucky digit, but you probably won’t use any that are considered impolite in cultured society.

What’s the difference​? It’s a big one: You can think before you type and even edit if you did type something about which you have reservations.

That was the point of our recent blog concerning a Town of Lexington employee. She may have felt our blog was full of ****, but actually publishing it on Facebook and then saying the Shoalanda bloggers need Jesus might just be slightly hypocritical.

So what’s a good euphemism for “feces?” How about “horse hockey?” After all, it was good enough for Col. Potter.

To the reader who commented that the photo of Jennifer Sledge Hendershot was an old one, it is the photograph that appears on the Town of Lexington’s website, which we would logically think she has some control over. Would you like us to try again?

And btw, we’re pretty sure that people don’t look better with age unless they’ve had some work done...


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  1. "And btw, we’re pretty sure that people don’t look better with age unless they’ve had some work done..."