Monday, August 11, 2014

Do Your Political Research Now!

Perhaps it is just a sign of our times that we don’t trust our government and don’t have any confidence in what is told to us by our elected officials. And it appears that this lack of trust extends to all levels of government, from our esteemed lawgivers in Washington right down to the local level. We seem convinced that ALL elected officials are dishonest and in fact some are. As election time once again approaches, we should pause and remember, we have only ourselves to blame as we elect and sometimes continue to re-elect these “public servants”.
Again, really, we have only ourselves to blame. Complacency, blind dedication to a political party, blissful ignorance or going with the flow to elect “good old boys”, all play a part in the election of less than stellar leadership. We just never seem to learn; if a candidate lies to get elected, he will lie after he gets in office. If he is not careful who he takes money from during his campaign, that person is very likely to “sell out” to the special interests upon election. Common sense tells us that a person with low moral fiber or weakness of character will develop neither character nor morals once he enters public service. If anything, these weaknesses will become even more apparent, and we, the citizens, will ultimately pay the price for his shortcomings. 
Look around, we have candidates for local offices that are nothing more than wolves in sheep’s clothing. Half truths, outright lies, dirty money, self serving hypocrisy, weakness of character, “good ole boys”. You know who they are, and if you don’t, just look at their records, they are easy to identify. If we want to have confidence in government again, we should take the time to educate ourselves about the candidates before we give away our vote. It’s easy enough to do, much is public record. Throw out the rhetoric, put the party affiliation aside (that is either party), stop being a stooge for the “good ole boys” and elect honest candidates for a change. In the end, we’ll all be better off.
The above is a guest column that really packs a punch. Please, do your research. Don't wait until after the election to gripe. Make yourself heard now.


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