Monday, August 4, 2014

We Don't Think Anyone Is That Dumb!

From a reader: Who gives a rip if an employee's property is inside a public building. Grow up people and get a life! If whoever post this nitpicky stuff is a Christian then Shame on you for constantly trying to stir up trouble about things that really don't affect anybody but that person. I don't live in Muscle Shoals but if I did this wouldn't cost me a dime or endanger my livelihood in any way so it's hogwash!

What does it matter? Let's see...

Scenario One: The public building explodes or burns. Who pays for the employee's loss?

Scenario Two: A city worker has to move the employee's property and is hurt. Who pays for that? BTW, I wouldn't count on workman's comp for that.

Scenario Three: So my boat is stored securely on public property. I got it made, but what about you? You have a boat or some such that you're having to pay storage on. If the City of Muscle Shoals can store one employee's property, it should store the property of every employee.

Now, as far as "stirring up trouble," a reader sent us the info and the cartoon. None of the bloggers here lives in Muscle Shoals, but one lives in Colbert County. If our tax dollars were in danger of being wasted on an unethical or illegal practice, we would champion anyone who would shed light on this kind of behavior.


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  1. Telling someone to grow up and that their opinion is hogwash isnt Christian like either, dummy

    Shoalanda Speaks has a valid point.