Sunday, August 10, 2014

Huntsville the Perfect Retirement City?

According to USA This Weekend, Huntsville is one of the top ten retirement cities in the US. Not only that, we have a representative from Huntsville telling the the country that the Rocket City isn’t like the rest of Alabama. Really?

After thinking it over, this loose lipped ad man may have some good points. Huntsville has its symphony, Florence has its Big Band. Shopping? We’re not even going to attempt to compare the Quad-Cities with Huntsville in that area. Television stations? Okay, Huntsville wins again, but we do have all those Shoals bureaus to make sure we get our full four minutes of infamy each night.

Jobs? Okay, why bother to go any farther...


We've received several e-mails on the Tuscumbia Parks and Rec Department; however, some are not publishable due to content. We will update the situation at a later date.


Some time ago a friend mentioned to us that when one spell-checks the word "Tuscumbia," the first suggestion is "Scumbag."


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  1. mr shoemaker is not covering up anything. Thankfully he is right the opposite! Paul and Amy better stop telling lies or some of us that were victims of Paul are going to tell all right here!