Saturday, August 2, 2014

Pumping Station or Storage Unit?

We've been focusing on a small Lauderdale town recently, but other Shoals towns also seem to lean toward unethical practices. Does the City of Muscle Shoals, or its mayor, allow employees to use the town's pumping station as their personal storage unit?

The above cartoon was sent to us by the person who made us aware of the possible problem.


Some years ago, an employee of the Lauderdale County Sheriff's Department paid for an inmate on work release to do some work around his home. In fact, some say he paid more per hour than the companies who used work release employees.

So what happened when this arrangement became public knowledge? The employee was reprimanded. While we don't think this county employee did anything wrong, it would seem to involve the principal of not avoiding any appearance or impropriety.

Shouldn't all municipal governments attempt to do the same?


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  1. I think they should take the prisoners and use them on a chain gang like that sheriff in Arizona does and rent them out to do yard work and make our cities some money.