Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Brenton Wayne Smith Has Previous Escape from Muscle Shoals

One of two escapees from the Decatur Work Release Center has faced escape charges before. Brenton Wayne Smith, 27, escaped from the Muscle Shoals City Jail in September 2007. Smith was being held on the relatively innocuous charge of failing to pay over $2,000.00 in traffic fines when he escaped while a jailer was changing out mattresses.

At the time of his arrest Smith was living in Florence and may still have relatives in the area. The Alabama Department of Corrections did not provide information on the reason for Smith's current incarceration, but his scheduled release date was April 6, 2011. Instead of gaining his freedom in just eight months, Brenton Wayne Smith will face a possible 20 years added to his sentence.


Now C. R. has a most interesting report from Cherokee:

The Truth is the Truth

When this story (police called on high school students) broke on the (COBRA) blog I did some investigation. I spoke with reliable sources close to youth football board members, law enforcement, and the parents of the children. I found out several facts and the blog was not off. The blog did have the wrong board member’s name. The blog was truthful. Everyone knows I normally would write an article for SS on what I found. It took a few days to get all the facts and it was old news and I to give Mike a free pass, but thanks to J.J it is no longer old. After reading what J.J wrote I investigated some more and found out something about a state employee. Thanks to J.J. the real truth came out.

The Facts

The Cherokee Elementary School was having registration. The Cherokee Youth Football Cheerleaders would be in the way and had to relocate. Board member Miss Young called the Mayor and asked permission to relocate to city hall. They needed to practice and do uniform fittings. The mayor called Marsha Allen and asked would she go to city hall and open the doors for the youth. Marsha Allen is also a youth board member and went to open the door. When she arrived the door was already open. Why was the door open already? Melinda Malone failed to lock it when she left.

The state employee ready for his daily Internet fix was heading to city hall to use the city’s wi-fi. Who gave this state employee the password to the cities wi-fi connection? Could it be the city clerk that he talks to for hours at a time? This state employee could see that it was youth football cheerleaders at the city hall practicing. This state employee decided to call Councilman Mike Malone and inform him of what was going on at city hall. Mike Malone called the police officer on duty and told him to remove everyone from city hall and the parking lot.

When the police officer arrived at city hall a board member informed the police officer they had permission from the mayor to be there. The police officer informed several people in the room that he received a phone call from Councilman Mike Malone and he was ordered to remove everyone from the city hall. The officer used common sense and did the right thing.

Common Sense

The above is the truth and now let me analyze what happened. The state employee saw it was the youth football cheerleaders practicing at city hall but decided to stir up trouble and called Mike Malone. Mike Malone decided to seek revenge on Marsha Allen, the person that filed ethics complaints against the council and is the current mayor’s secretary. Mike Malone thought he could get Marsha Allen in trouble for opening up city hall without permission. If he had called the mayor this would have never happened. If he drove up to the city hall himself nothing would have happened.

The council is always overstepping their authority. The mayor is the only person that can give orders to employees. When Mike Malone spoke with the state employee he had to ask who is at city hall going in and out of the building. Answer, there are a lot of kids and parents. Mike Malone wanted revenge and allowed that to over ride common sense. Now the parents of the youth cheerleaders are raising hell, Mike Malone is in cover my butt mode. Mike Malone thought the police officer would not inform the crowd about the phone call. Well he was wrong. News flash for Mike Malone, police officers do not like to be treated as tools to seek revenge.

Thanks J.J.

During my investigation I did uncover something shocking. I hope writing about it will allow the person to come forward and file a complaint. A women told me that the state employee has a picture in his wallet of himself naked. This state employee showed it to her while he was on duty and in uniform. The same person also made sexual advances to the women. If this is true the women should file sexual harassment charges against the person and file a law suit against the state.

I have a few questions. Does this state employee have a boss? Why is this state employee allowed to hang out at city hall and other places in Cherokee for hours at a time. Why is he not doing the job he is paid for?

J.J. Ray wanted the truth, I just hope he can take it. The next time you want to know the truth, e-mail me and I will find out for you.


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