Friday, August 6, 2010

It Pays How Much? Or Should We Say Little?

The Alabama Music Hall of Fame Board of Directors has officially started the process of selecting the HOF's new director. Board members state they want the best person for the job. Perhaps the question should be: Why would the best person for the job want the position?

We doubt that the HOF can offer a competitive salary; it should be interesting to see just how many applicants bail after they hear the actual figure the HOF committee presents to them. In the mean time, if bored to tears while avoiding the heat, you may wish to read one of the really first class biographies found on the HOF's website. What the HOF obviously has a desperate need for is a proof reader.

Here's a link to David Johnson's bio. Warning--we stopped counting errors at nine. This is not exactly the image the Shoals wants the Alabama Music Hall of Fame to project.


Speaking of glaring mistakes, ArtWorks 2010 is presenting a show by local artists, among them Al Hausmann. Mr. Hausmann is a widely acclaimed talent, but obviously not a biblical scholar, as his work The 12 Disciples of Christ attests.


It seems some are already planning for the 2012 elections in Cherokee. Shelby Waddell
has just launched his Facebook Page. Good luck to Shelby as he attempts to give back to his hometown.


Update on injured Beagle: Link


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